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Sofía Luz Pérez is a Mexican American artist born in Austin, Texas and raised in central New York. 


Pérez’s work has been published in the Women Artists’ Datebook by the Syracuse Cultural Workers and in Stone Canoe #8 by the YMCA of Central New York. She has shown her work in numerous shows including at Soho20 Gallery in New York, NY, ArtRage Gallery in Syracuse, NY, the Point of Contact Gallery in Syracuse, NY, Stone Quarry Hill Art Park, in Cazenovia, NY, the Art Association of Oswego, NY, and the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center in Auburn, NY. Her work was accepted into the Best of SUNY show 2022 and won a Best in Show award. She graduated with a BFA in Studio Art with a painting concentration in December 2021.

artist statement

My practice stems from an inner narrative that I’m working through. While my work mostly consists of self-portraiture and pertains to my present-day experience, it is also deeply influenced by my exploration into my indigenous ancestry on my father’s side — specifically the Mexica (Aztecs) in what is now Mexico. I’m inspired by the mythology and imagery of the powerful goddess archetypes, and often reference them through symbolism. 


Much of the work is a reflection of my own personal journey to growth, healing and empowerment, often in the face of adversity or challenges — whether it be illness, loss of a loved one, or simply needing to grow past one’s own outdated internal patterns. 


I’m interested in the duality of the light and shadow aspects of our experience and how they inform one another. In my practice, I use symbolism and color to address this dual nature, which is often characteristic of the duality of many of the ancient goddess archetypes. I believe the shadow aspects of ourselves and experiences are just as crucially important as the light — our shadow can be our greatest teacher. As the saying goes, “The only way through pain is through pain.”

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